Membership Application

For those who may not be aware, Buffalo Greyhound Adoption is a registered New York Not-for-Profit Corporation, and under its charter, BGA is managed by its Members.

Although day-to-day decisions are made by BGA’s officers, committee chairs and Board of Directors, certain important rights and key decisions are reserved to, and can only be made by, BGA’s Members.  Among other things, BGA Members have the right to elect the Board of Directors and, in turn, the officers and committee chairs.  In addition, any change to BGA’s corporate documents or mission can only be made with the approval of BGA’s Members.  Members are invited to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting and to obtain financial reports.  Directors, officers and committee chairs are generally selected from the Membership.  Members might also be called upon to vote on important decisions in between annual meetings.  Attendance at meetings is not required, and Members may submit ballots electronically or by mail, if they are unable to attend any meeting.

The 2022 Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held on January 7, 2023 and anyone who is, or becomes a Member on or before November 04, 2022, will be able to vote and/or attend the meeting.

Owning a greyhound is not required to become a Member and there are no dues or fees.  BGA always welcomes new Members’ participation!

Become a BGA member today by completing the form below, or download an application HERE and email the completed form to!