Adoption Application

Buffalo Greyhound Adoption, Inc. exists for the sole purpose of finding suitable homes for retired racing greyhounds. If you are interested in providing a home for one of these extraordinary creatures, please assist us in optimizing the placement process by furnishing the following information as honestly and completely as possible. When you have completed the application, press the “submit” button. You may also print this page and mail it to the address on the Contacts page. You will be contacted for a home visit as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in these wonderful pets.

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Personal Information

Home Information

Greyhounds must be considered "house dogs"; they are comfortable where we are comfortable.  Also, in addition to the fact that most communities now have "leash laws", you will need to reconcile yourself to providing a fenced yard, or to walking the dog on a lead three to four times a day.

Landlord Information (if applicable)

If you rent or lease your home, we are obligated to confirm with your landlord that a greyhound would be permitted.

Veterinarian Information

Buffalo Greyhound Adoption, Inc. spays or neuters and provides for a variety of vaccinations and other preventative measures prior to placement. However, we suggest that you discuss the special needs of greyhounds with your veterinarian. Please provide your vet's name and phone number, and a letter of reference from him or her. If you do not have a vet, ask any BGA representative for suggestions.

Application Submission

This application involves no obligation at this time.   As with most non-profit organizations, we depend on the generosity of people such as yourself. In the interest of the greyhounds, we ask for a minimum donation of $275 payable when we deliver your dog. When we provide a dog, we incur a considerable expense. As such, YOUR DONATION IS NONREFUNDABLE. Please ask us how we use the donations we receive.