WV House passes bill eliminating state funding for greyhound racing

As many of you know, we get almost all of our hounds from the tracks in West Virginia. The WV legislature just voted to eliminate all funding to the race purses and allow the casinos to “decouple” from the requirement that they provide live greyhound racing to maintain their gaming licenses. See the article Here. The governor could still veto this bill and maintain the status quo, for now.

Greyhound racing may be coming around its final turn in West Virginia, after the House of Delegates voted 56-44 Saturday for passage of a bill eliminating the state’s $15 million annual purse fund subsidy (SB437).

Whether you are for or against greyhound racing isn’t the point here now. What matters is that if all the tracks are closed down, there are going to be a lot of greyhounds who are going to need a place to go. A good friend of BGA, Pamela Webb, attends to the greys that are turned over for adoption, and has had her funding from the track to care for the dogs cut to almost nothing as it is. She is going to need help in the form of dog food, towels, gauze, vet wrap, betadine solution, iodine spray, bleach, stainless steel food bowls, dog treats, and other similar items. If you’d like to help out, please contact BGA.